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Questions and Answers
Here you will find the most frequent questions and answers in relation to your trip to Cuba. If you have a doubt or a there is a question that you do not find below, please contact us by phone, email , or by our Online Chat as we will be pleased to help you!

How can I travel to Cuba?
There are a choice of ways to travel to Cuba that include direct charter flights and direct scheduled flights from various US cities to various Cuban cities. At the time of publication the fares for the scheduled flight are less than the charter flights.
Other than the direct charter and scheduled flights from the US you can fly through a third country, such as Mexico, Panama, Grand Cayman or Canada. The Tourist Visa Cards can be purchased at the third country airport at check-in for your flight to Cuba.

What documents do I need to travel?

  1. You need to download and complete the official travel affidavit on this website. There are 14 self-authorizing general license purposeful travel categories. You just need to tick one of the boxes, then sign and complete the other requested details. Keep the original form with you to show the airline or ship upon check-in. Download pdf form here...
  2. A valid passport with expiration date no less than 6 months after entering the country. (Cuba Americans who were born in Cuba will need to have a Cuban passport to enter Cuba).
  3. A Tourist Visa Card (visa), obtainable either from the Cuban Consulate, your travel agent, or from the airline upon check-in at the departure airport in the USA.

What about Medical Insurance?

It is compulsory to have medical insurance to enter Cuba. You will find that some of the direct scheduled airlines include some medical insurance, however check with the respective airline to be sure. You should also check with the direct charter airlines.

When purchasing your air ticket to Cuba, check with the direct flight operator if medical insurance is included in the cost of your ticket, to cover emergencies, except pre-existing conditions. We do advise that you purchase travel interruption and cancellation insurance to cover you for other non-medical related emergencies.

You also need to check if the medical insurance cover includes in the case of needing to be evacuated for medical purposes.

You may find that some US insurance companies will not provide cover for Cuba, in that case you can purchase upon arrival in Cuba cover from Assistur at a cost of 3 – 5 CUC’s per day. Go to the website  of the Cuban provider for more information.

What is the weather like?

Cuba is a tropical island in the Caribbean. Its mean temperature is 25 ºC. The hurricane season is from June to November and rainfall is abundant during this period. The high tourist season coincides with the driest months (November to April); its low season (May to October) is characterized by warmer and more humid weather.

What is the time difference?
Time in Cuba is set by Eastern Standard Time and during the summer months Daylight Saving Time.

What currency is used in Cuba?
The official national currency is the Peso Cubano (CUP) which is mainly used by Cubans. However the Peso Convertible or CUC is also in force for the purchase of higher quality goods and services, such as hotels, private accommodation (B&B), restaurants. shops, taxis etc. One CUC is equal to $1 USD and to 24 Pesos Cubano. However, due to the US embargo the purchase of CUC’s with US dollars is subject to a handling fee of 10%.

We recommend that you change some US dollars at the airport upon arrival to pay for the first day’s incidentals.  You can then change more currency at hotels. and exchange bureaus (known as CADECA’s).

How much money should I take with me?
25–100 US dollars a day would be an estimate depending on the services included in your program.

Can I pay with credit or debit cards?
Most credit and debit cards are accepted at hotels and some shops. ATM machines are limited and not always reliable, they are not easily found in small cities. We strongly recommend that you to take enough cash with you.

Is there any entry or departure tax?
There was a 25 CUC Cuba Airport Departure Tax which had to be paid in cash at the Cuban airport but scheduled direct airlines are now including this tax in their tickets. You need to check with the charter flight operators if they include the tax in the tickets or collect from you at check-in in the US airport of departure.

Will my electronic appliances work in Cuba?
The oldest hotels use 110 volts whereas the newer ones use 220 volts. Even though some hotels lend out adaptors we recommend that you bring yours since they are not easy to find in Cuba.

Can I phone abroad?
In order to place an international call in Cuba you have to dial first the prefix 119. For example to call USA you need to dial 119 + 1 + the desired phone number in USA. You need to take into account that international calls are very expensive in Cuba. The country code for Cuba is 53.

Mobile roaming services have recently been offered by Sprint, T-Mobil and AT & T.

Is it safe to move around?
Generally speaking Cuba is a safe place with a low crime rate. However, we recommend that you keep your valuables in the hotel’s safe deposit box, that you do not walk alone at night on the dark alleys of Havana and that you do not carry jewelry that can attract the attention of criminals.

Are the roads in good shape?
On average, main roads are in good conditions. However, you should take a good map with you since road signs are nonexistent is some areas. Side or low-traffic roads can have segments in bad condition and level crossings do not have barriers. So, driving carefully is always strongly recommended. Please do not exceed the speed limits (35-50 km/hour in the city, 70-90 km/hour on main roads and 100 km/hour on highways). Best to avoid driving at night.

If there are any corrections that us to change we will be happy to hear from you.


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We meet travelers on arrival at Havana airport, book all hotels and B & B in Cuba, provide private transfers to all places, arrange internal flights, offer interesting programs, excursions, activities, car rental, tour guides and VIP services. With our personal service you will be able to design your trip with one of our Cuba specialists, a more human approach, with time to consider all your options and budget. You are then given time to pay only when you are completely satisfied with the final program and price.

We guarantee a secure service for your payments and your personal data. This is supported by adherence to governmental, banking, and travel regulations, sustained with over 15 years of serving the public and the world travel industry.

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We have a firm commitment to the principles of responsible travel, especially minimizing the environmental and social impact of travel, and strive to ensure that a visit from a traveler has a positive effect on the destination and supporters of the Cuban people.

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